Monday, 15 December 2014

Taylor Swift fashion picks

Taylor Swift is a guilty pleasure of mine and I am loving her new feminist stance and her pop album but her style is on another level. Lately I've been trying to be more feminine and I love looking at pictures of her outfits. You can't really call her a risk taker but her style is so clean and preppy and twee and I'm really into it when she wears more sophisticated outfits. Here are some of my favourite casual outfits:


Taylor Swift in Stripes - Out in NYC, July 2014

source: google images

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Maria Yaremchuk

If you don't watch the Eurovision you might not now who she is but last year Maria placed number seven in the finals. Now I'm not necessarily a fan of the Eurovision (I still watch it every year for the laughs so what am I saying?) but I was definitely a fan of her look and attitude that night. Hands down the coolest, sexiest performer of the night  (in my humble opinion).  Even now, a year later I keep thinking about how cool she looked that night and I really want to recreate her look. So I looked up her name on Google an her style is just as cool in real life. Feminine and edgy at the same time, she manages to look sexy even when she is completely covered up.  Her look is also similar to mine in that we both have dark hair and like to wear smokey eyes and dark clothes. Also I am going through a phase where I want to try and be more feminine so I am definitely going to take some cues from her.

Eurovision looks

Her look in the final and my favorite. It's simply perfect. Her hair and that dress are amazing.

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